Monday, January 27, 2014

Juan Mata!

As many of you have heard, Juan Mata is officially a Manchester United play! It is very strange a player is his skill and status goes to direct rivals in the January window. From the beginning I said it was impossible.
   At the same time, this is very interesting when dissected. The fact that Chelsea were willing to sell to United means they thought they were'nt a direct threat to their title ambitions. In other words, giving them their best play in two years was'nt going to "strengthen" them because United are too "weakened". Regardless, Mata will always be a dangerous player and can cause a lot of damage to any team.
Hey what up ya'lls just decided to make a blog about da EPL!!! I've always been been a fan of the English league for the longest time and have many opinions pertaining to the managers, teams and players. I will try to post every now and then when their's something worthy for writing. I'll tell you about myself. My name is Sergio, I'm friendly and I'm a  big fan of the BPL and would love to share with people my opinions while at the same time hearing what others have to say.
      .... If any of you have questions about the Prem or me just comment ya'lls! I'm very excited to be doing this, especially with the Premier league getting tight!